TelScript - Telnet Client Controlled by VBScript

Alex Sivokho 2002.

Why do we need it ?
Typicallly telnet sessions are the repetative sequences of commands like "ls" ,"cd",
editing of files and coping of files . We execute them again and again forgetting
what the purpose of the computer is. We are turning into computers ourselves instead of
making the computer to do tedeous and repetative tasks. TelScript is one step in this direction.

What Telscript can do

Try it and you will see
how simple the things may be ...

Modify the controll script to adapt the client to your needs

Apart from the functionality you'll implement by writing your own script it can :

* Create Bookmarks - bookmark is the position in the file tree that is stored in file.
* Create the list of the most frequently used commnads.
* Run extermal Vbscript file (in the namespace of the main script)
* Execute Script on Server side. (Stricly saying it is not running script on the server, it is sending the lines from file followed by Enter character [sourcing - in Unix terms])
* Any command(or sequence of the commands) can be assigned to function keys.
For instance if you double click the word(the file name) and highlight it and then press F3 this will execute the command line "more myfile.txt"
Or pressing F4 wiil start the editor with highligted word as argument.
For example "gvim myfile.txt"
* Smart selection : Holding Alt key and moving cursor from left hinghlights the whole word or several words.
* Navigation : holding Shift key and clicking on directory name results in moving into this directory. Simply it retrieves the selection and executes commmand "cd selected_word"
Going back even easier : hold Shift key and right mouse click . The command "cd .." will be executed.
* We can wait for the response from the server and then process it. That is how the bookmarks work.
TelScripts executes the command "pwd" and waits for the response. Then it selects the line before the last one in the resonse sequence. Typically it is the curent directory and TelScripts puts it in the list box.
... and much more

How it is implemented

TelScript is a COM object written in C++. It lives in the namespace of the running script and it exposes the metodos to the script. That means that it can be controlled from any object which runs inside the script and in turn it can control these objects. So, now we have an environment for the developing systems that suit your needs. External ActiveX can be imported to implement graphics.(Such as dialog boxes, edit boxes etc)

VBscript is not the only langage to controll Telscript . Basically it is lacking graphical means. Well, no problem . Use Visual Basic (from IDE or compile the module into exe and run it) In this case you do not need external ActiveX to support graphics. It also can be run from C++. (possible, though useless configuration )

Almost all the features described above are the functionality of the script. Telscript (COM object) itself has very limited functionality . It has the set of primitives to affectively interact with the scrpt.

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